Why perspective matters

Have you ever questioned something you’d assume it was “right”?

Perspective takes into consideration a point of view, meaning, you can’t see everything from your perspective alone. When I was young I used to love magic and as I grew older I became increasingly intrigued with how that worked.

Turns out there was no magic to start with, there was just illusionism and deception relying on us to close gaps under limited data, connect dots seemingly unconnectable.

Observers have very limited ability to sense everything happening around them. The need to close the matter and move on as if there is no alternative explanation can be overwhelming.

But consider this, if people fall for illusionism, if they look confused sometimes when they get pranked and this happened because they didn’t anticipated, they didn’t have enough information and had only their perspective to rely upon, why would you believe something can be sure?

Every decision we make is made under limited information, under limited brain-power.

You could be right. But you could be wrong. Maybe both.


Without the willingness to understand alternative explanations and rules of engagement to stress-test ideas without taking things personally, no real advancement can take place.

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