information diet

We are biological creatures that make decisions, a whole bunch of it, from which clothes should we go to work with today, to…, well, more resource consuming ones.

Everything around is data, we capture, process it and make decisions based on it.

Data is like life itself, it shapes us, make us unique.

With all that data, it’s easy to overwhelm such a fragile design like ours. We act on input, that’s who we are. Have you heard, “We are what we eat”, well, as cliché as it sounds, applies to information as well, we are shaped by the data we consume and eventually our behavior starts to lean on tendencies.

For instance, art, music and TV-series have the tendency of making people more attached to something, a story, an idea, a feeling, putting way more weight into a connection, in other words, tendency towards emotional rather than logical.

Speaking of logical, proved causal connections between things are extremely rare, if you have any doubt, go ahead and take a look into the standard of mathematical proofs. This society of ours is based on so much noise, so much speculation generated by that is no wonder people make so many mistakes. Bets on bets doesn’t sound like usually have a happy ending.

Data shouldn’t be tempered with, it should speak by itself, defend itself. But, here we are. So, beware of all the noise around you.

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