Are you ready to lose an unlikely bet?

First of all, an unlikely bet is…

  • a bet that is unlikely to happen?
  • an outcome that is unlikely to happen?
  • or both?

Anyway, I am 28 years old and have never seriously considered becoming vegan.

Will that change, tomorrow?

If you were to ask me yesterday, I would be inclined to say, although it is possible, it is very, very unlikely.

Yet, here I am, today, committing myself to make that happen.

If it is a possibility, it will eventually happen, will you be ready to lose?

We cannot forget that unlikely things happen all the time. If you pay enough attention, you might realize how unlikely things actually are, from our birth to going to work tomorrow, or starting something new, making changes, seemingly out of nowhere.

One thing that I realize is that I cannot rely on the past to make decisions about the future, change is the norm, not the exception.

Assuming the data can be processed, more data might represent better what you’re trying to understand and therefore giving you better change of predicting the behavior of whatever you’re looking at.

Things tend to be highly interconnected, understanding the nature of each dimension/relationships/connection, their weights and implications might the our best bet to make better decisions.

You ask why an unlikely thing happen to you, the universe laugh and say, why not?!

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