Westworld (tv show review)

What I liked the most about the show is how alike we are with the hosts, not only for how we operate like our behavioral ticks, repetitions/loops/routines/habits, predictability, and narrative-oriented lives, but also something else, something more subtle related to our needs, desires, and goals.

It’s hard for me to not romanticize the idea of making a craft so imperfectly perfect like ourselves, like in the movie A.I. from 2001 when David sought out the blue fairy to make him human since he believed it would make his mom love him; or, in the movie Bicentennial Man, when Andrew chose life and eventually death as a human than eternity as a machine;

It seems that, deep down, we are not that different sometimes.

Love and care aren’t the only themes Westworld explores though, it’s much more rich and nuanced since the hosts seek to achieve things that many humans take for granted and will go to extreme lengths to do so. We’re all constantly learning, evolving to go beyond our own narratives.

The show constantly makes me think, what really makes us special or different from the hosts?! 🙂

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